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Élène Dubé
La Référentielle

La Référentielle

I make life easier for business owners and self-employed workers.  I save them time and energy by finding reliable, qualified suppliers and even potential clients.

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My name is Elene Dube. I am a businesswoman and I love networking! I have wanted to be a self employed entrepreneur for a long time. If I was to utilize my passion, in which area I should invest in? All these years trying to find an idea for my business. The answer was right there, under my nose: Networking and referring have always been natural to me. I love connecting with entrepreneurs, helping them to grow. This is how “La Referentielle” was born. For over 20 years, I’ve worked with several companies in different industries. I have always worked and loved selling. Why... Because my passion is “the human being”.

You are a business owner?

You have limited with your time?

You don’t know where to look for help or assistance ?

Contact me, I will help and support you during your steps.

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I ensure all the providers are qualified prior suggesting them

Since people are at the heart of my concerns, I take the time to discuss with you to understand your needs and your values. I like to learn more about your business.

I assure you a close follow-up on my side and on behalf of the suppliers. 

I expect them to respond to your service requests within 24-48 hours.

My goal is to refer you to the best suppliers (I always refer you to a minimum of two), I recommend suppliers who will take care of you as I would.

Areas of focus

This task is overwhelming to you?

Doing your own research is killing you?

(website, branding, promotional products, business coaching, and many more)

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Promotional items

– Differentiate yourself from your competition

– Gain visibility

– Create membership links

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– Stand out from other businesses with unique visuals

– Define the personality and vision of your brand

La Referentielle : référencement coaching d'affaires

Business coaching

– Go above and beyond in your business

– Improve your decision making

– Achieve your set goals

La Referentielle : référencement adjointe virtuelle

Virtual Assistant

 – Delegate your web management

 – Transfer your administrative tasks

 – Mandate your writing of blog articles and newsletters

La Referentielle : référencement site web


 – Allow your business to have greater visibility

 – Become accessible 7/7 – 24/24

 – Offer the possibility of obtaining direct contact with your customers



La Referentielle : référencement informatique

Computer science

 – Centralize your files

– Host your website

– Buy equipment (computers, software and more)

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 – Be supported in your business launch

 – Understand your financial statements

 – Save time when dealing with banking institutions

La Referentielle : référencement marketing

Marketing and Telemarketing

 – Attract new prospects

 – Generate sales

 – Accelerate your business growth



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 – Live in a clean healthy environment

– Delegate your cleaning responsibilities

– Be proud of your workspaces



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